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Your lover
has a sneaky way
of hiding her poems;
inside her mouth
behind her neck
between her thighs.

kiss those places// find it all.

Ijeoma Umebinyuo

(via theijeoma)

Text 15 Sep Body No Be Firewood

You have the right type of wood
for a fireboard
and my spindle makes brightly burning embers…
Come baby, let’s make a fire
Let the sparks fall on dried up twigs
And engulf us
Let the air around us
Snap, crackle and pop!
As we reach the very heights of heat

On this dry harmattan day
Laying spent, underneath this bare tree,
Lean in, let me whisper in your ear

"Wona body be firewood"


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…I shared my body with you
I took your hands and led them to the hidden places
I let you touch me
I allowed my self to feel your touch
I was hungry
I’m not hungry anymore…


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I gave you my heart in my sleep and woke up not remembering
— Chicasolitaire
Text 31 Aug 5 notes My Poison


Didn’t I tell you to walk the other way?

Why didn’t you listen, why did you stay?

And now you are trapped here

With me near

You took a sip of my poison

It’s deep in your veins

Now it’s too late

It’s going to hurt you

You’ve never known pain

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Fuck ur Kimye this is goals 💚




Fuck ur Kimye this is goals 💚


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when someone eats food you were saving


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for night him go come
tel mi sai mak i no talk
him sai if i sai anything
na village i go go!
i no wan go village
so i let am do me.

Oga go come almst evry night
when all deir pikin don slep
him go leave auntie for bed
to mak mi cri.

Anytme whem him dey on top
Cheta, i go rember when
me and you dey vilage
when we dey laugh with Okwudiri and all of dem
before whn oga strt
i dey cri, i dey beg
now i no say anythn
now i no cri maka chukwu no na-elegwu mara ihe di na obi m.

since i comes here
my mind never smiles
madam no let me go school
she go flog me if i no speak good enlish
i wan speaks like her schildren (na schildren auntie dey call dem)
but d dey hard.

For nights when oga no come disturb me
i go read their novels
for boys quarters way i dey stay
i wan read, i dey see how their schildren dey read
i wan read and speaks like them
i dey try,
e hard.

For sunday
i go floow dem go uka
madam no like to mis church
she dey get holy ghost for church
she go dey speaks in tnuges!

As madm dey speak
oga dey for alter dey read bible.

— Ijeoma Umebinyuo (via theijeoma)
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